Flying with Your Dog

Comprehensive guide to our unique proposition and the regulations for flying with your dog

Global standards and local requirements: traveling with psychiatric service dogs

In the USA, there is no official certification for Psychiatric Service Dogs (PSDs). Airlines follow the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, which means the carriage of PSDs is less regulated and does not require proof of training or certifications. In contrast, European and other international travel companies often require specific certification. PSD- USA offers comprehensive certification meeting both US and international standards, adding value for American customers wanting to travel globally with their PSDs. This sets PSD-USA apart from other US providers who often do not offer qualified or recognized certificates.

Navigating global and local regulations for Psychiatric Service Dogs

Travel regulations for PSDs vary significantly between the USA and other countries. In the USA, where there is no official state certification for PSDs, airlines must follow ACAA and DOT regulations. These regulations only require airlines to confirm the dog’s functionality as a service dog, without specific certificates or comprehensive training evidence. This gap in American laws has led to numerous unqualified or false certificates being issued by commercial providers without comprehensive training standards. These often do not meet the requirements of airlines in other countries, leading to difficulties in international travel. In contrast, European and other international
airlines and travel companies impose stricter standards, including specific training and certification requirements for assistance dogs. This poses a challenge for American PSD owners who wish to travel
internationally. PSD-USA distinguishes itself in this environment by offering certification that meets both US and international standards, ensuring PSDs meet American requirements and are easily
recognized in Europe and other parts of the world. This ensures our clients can travel globally with their PSDs without fearing legal hurdles or restrictions. This offers a decisive added value compared to other providers in the USA who focus only on American regulations and often neglect international standards.