Our Non-Profit Organization

Overcoming barriers together - For a world where people with mental disabilities can travel freely with PSDs.

A nonprofit with profit for flying with dogs

PSD-USA is thus committed to enhancing the quality of life for individuals with mental disabilities through the use of specialized Psychiatric Service Dogs (PSDs). The organization champions global recognition and appreciation of PSDs and offers training and certification that meet national and international standards. The goal is to simplify global travel for PSD teams and to increase acceptance in the public eye, with airlines, and other service providers. PSD-USA collaborates with PSDeurope to promote uniform training and certification guidelines. The organization aims to create legal security for PSD owners and to remove barriers to traveling with PSDs worldwide, in pursuit of a more inclusive society. PSD-USA is a partner organization of PSDeurope.

The specific objectives of PSD-USA are reviewed and updated at least annually, thus they are aligned with the legal requirements for the USA, Europe, and internationally, as well as with the guidelines of airlines operating both in the USA and internationally.

All individuals with mental disabilities who have their dogs certified as a personal service or assistance dog through PSD-USA are registered as members of our nonprofit corporation with a membership number and enjoy the benefits of PSD-USA’s advocacy. This membership automatically expires if the dog’s certification is not renewed within the required timeframes, but can thereafter be converted into a supporting membership.

Furthermore, anyone who identifies with the charitable goals of PSD-USA and wishes to support them can become a supporting member. This includes corporations and organizations as well.