Online Training

How does it work?

Step 1
Prequalification Check
Prequalification Check

Begin by by visiting the prequalification test. This step ensures that you meet the necessary criteria before proceeding.

Step 2
Certification Selection
Certification Selection

After qualifying, you should choose the appropriate certification type by taking a guided test which helps determine the best fit based on your needs.

Step 3
Initial Consultation
Initial Consultation

After deciding and buying one of our certifications, you will start your journey with a preliminary assessment by our qualified psychologist to determine your eligibility for the program.


(International and Premium certifications only)

Step 4
Online Course
Online Course

 Begin the comprehensive online course, structured into various sections with questions and answers that must be completed thoroughly. (16 chapters, 90 work areas). The minimum effort expected by PSD-USA is 150 hours over a period of at least 6 months, which you must plan for the training of your dog.

Step 5
Video Submission
Video Submission

For each course section, submit a short video demonstrating your understanding and interaction with your animal. These submissions are vital for assessment by our team.

Step 6
Evaluation by Experts
Evaluation by Experts

Our team of psychologists and animal trainers will review your submitted videos. You will receive constructive feedback to aid your learning and improvement.

Step 7
Certification 🎉

Complete all course sections and achieve positive evaluations. You will be notified via email once all sections have been reviewed, confirming your course completion and the issuance of your certification.

Sample Video Guide:

What your submissions should look like

Command "sit" and "walk on a loose leash"

Master the basics with your canine companion. This video covers essential commands every dog should know for a well-mannered walk.

show "put down"

Teaching calm and controlled behavior, this session demonstrates how to instruct your dog to lay down and stay put amidst distractions.

good calm behavior with the luggage

Prepare your dog for travel with exercises designed to ensure they remain calm and composed around luggage and during transit.

Grounding, Tactile Stimulation

Learn grounding techniques and how to provide calming tactile stimulation for dogs who may experience anxiety or distress.