Our Mission - Our Promise

Our mission

  • Standardization and Legal Certainty: We provide legal clarity and uniform standards for traveling with PSDs, particularly in airplane cabins. Our goal is to ensure that PSDs are recognized worldwide as constant companions in public transport, public spaces, and by private providers.
  • International Recognition: Through our partnership with PSDeurope and adherence to European and international guidelines, we ensure that PSDs receive the same recognition and appreciation as in the USA.
  • Qualified Training and Certification: Our comprehensive training concept, supported by experienced psychotherapists and dog trainers, ensures a reputable and recognized certification, accepted by airlines and official organizations alike.

Our promise

  • Individualized Training: Each PSD is uniquely tailored to the needs and characteristics of their human partner.
  • Strong Bond: Building a close relationship between the dog and its owner is at the heart of our work.
  • Flexible Learning Methods: With blended learning and e-learning, we flexibly adapt to the needs of our clients.
  • Global and Local Regulations: We navigate through the various legal requirements in the USA and internationally, offering certification that meets both American and international standards.

As a member of PSD-USA, you are part of a community committed to the freedom and equality of individuals with mental impairments. Together, we create a world where everyone can travel safely and freely with their PSD.

Mission Statement

At PSD-USA, we are committed to enhancing the quality of life for individuals with psychological impairments through our specialized Psychiatric Service Dogs (PSDs). As members of our organization, whether you are clients booking training and certification for a PSD, or supporters of our mission, you are part of a movement aimed at increasing the recognition and appreciation of PSDs both in the USA and internationally. Our mission focuses on facilitating global travel with PSDs by establishing uniform rules and requirements, and creating legal certainty. This includes not just air travel but also the acknowledgment of PSDs in public transportation, public spaces, and with private providers like restaurants and stores worldwide. Our certification, compliant with both U.S. and international standards, distinctly stands out from unqualified or fraudulent certifications. We ensure that PSD owners and their dogs are well-prepared for everyday challenges. As a partner organization of PSDeurope, we work together on the training and certification of PSDs according to European and international guidelines. Our aim is for PSDs in Europe and internationally to receive the same recognition and appreciation as in the USA. We take pride in being a reliable, reputable, and competent partner for dog owners, airlines, and official organizations. A crucial part of our mission is navigating through global and local regulations for PSDs. While in the USA, there is no official government certification for PSDs, and airlines only need to confirm the functionality of the service dog, European and other international airlines require specific training and certification standards for assistance dogs. PSD-USA stands out in this environment by offering a certification that meets both U.S. and international standards, enabling our clients to travel globally with their PSDs without legal barriers or restrictions. We invite you to be part of this important mission and collaborate with us to make the world more accessible and understanding for individuals with psychological impairments and their loyal companions, the PSDs.

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