Our unique Proposition

Bridging the gap: Excellence in PSD training with a focus on international standards

Innovative training and certification for psychiatric service dogs

Enhanced PSD Certification and Partnership with PSDeurope for international flights At PSD-USA, we offer specialized certification for Psychiatric Service Dogs (PSDs) that meets both U.S. and international standards. Developed in close collaboration with PSDeurope, our comprehensive training concept aims to tailor PSDs to the individual needs of their human partners. We emphasize the bond and relationship between dog and owner, supported by experienced psychotherapists and dog trainers. Our teaching methods include Blended Learning and E-Learning, allowing for flexible and comprehensive training. Our certification, meeting only real and qualified training standards, distinguishes itself from unqualified or fake certificates prevalent in the industry. We ensure that PSD owners and their dogs are well-prepared for everyday challenges. At PSD-USA, our customized training and certification concept focuses on the specific needs of people with psychological impairments and their Psychiatric Service Dogs. Our approach is based on:

  • Individual Training: Recognizing that each person with psychological limitations is unique, the assigned PSD is specifically tailored to the individual needs and characteristics of their human partner.
  • Bond and Relationship: The close bond between the PSD and its owner is central. Our training focuses on strengthening this bond and fostering mutual understanding.
  • Specialized Trainers: Teams of experienced psychotherapists and dog trainers work together to ensure holistic training. They accompany the human-dog teams from basic training to successful certification.
  • Blended Learning and E-Learning: We use innovative teaching methods, including Blended Learning and an advanced E-Learning platform, to flexibly address our clients’ needs and continue training even in challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Certification: The final certification is jointly conducted by psychotherapists and dog trainers to confirm that the human-dog team meets all required standards. Our comprehensive training and certification concept aims to train PSDs that not only offer emotional support to their human partners but also actively assist in overcoming everyday challenges. This is especially true for air travel within the USA, as well as to and from Europe and internationally.