Partner Organisation PSDeurope

PSDeurope and PSD-USA: Setting the benchmark in psychiatric service dog training

Pioneering standards in transatlantic PSD training: A model of international cooperation

PSDeurope, the partner organization of PSD-USA, leads European initiatives in online training of Psychiatric Service Dogs (PSDs). Through their dedicated efforts and adherence to both American and international standards, PSDeurope has established itself as a trusted partner for numerous international airlines and official organizations, with over 800 successful certifications.
The transcontinental collaboration between PSDeurope and PSD-USA is a prime example of effective international cooperation. Both nonprofit organizations act as bridges between individuals with mental impairments relying on PSDs and the aviation industry as well as public institutions. The partnership aims to align the needs and interests of people with PSDs, airlines, and official bodies, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards in the training and certification of the dogs.

The strict training and certification standards of PSDeurope are also upheld and implemented by PSD-USA, assuring airlines and official bodies that only qualified and properly trained dogs receive certification. The extensive experience and recognition by international airlines attest to the commitment of both organizations to making travel and public presence safer and less stressful for people with their PSDs.
As nonprofit organizations, PSDeurope and PSD-USA focus not on commercial interests but on the well-being of people and their PSDs, public safety, and compliance with legal regulations and industry standards. Both organizations are committed to continuously improving and making transparent the standards for PSDs, ensuring harmonious and safe interaction between PSD teams, airlines, official bodies, and the public.