Mission Statement for Airlines and Officials

Our Mission at a glance

Our mission

PSD-USA, as a recognized partner organization of PSDeurope, acts as a bridge between individuals with mental impairments who rely on Psychiatric Service Dogs (PSDs) and airlines, official agencies, and the public. Our primary goal is to align the legitimate interests and needs of these groups while ensuring high quality and reliability in the training and certification of PSDs.

We acknowledge the responsibility to train and certify PSDs in a way that meets the high safety and quality standards of the aviation industry and public institutions. PSD-USA is committed to certifying only dogs of appropriate size and training to efficiently and non-disruptively perform their tasks in public and flight-related environments. Dogs under 20 pounds, which are carried in bags, are not considered service dogs by us, as they cannot develop the necessary bond with their owners or perform specific support tasks in this position.

Furthermore, PSD-USA clearly distances itself from the practice of certifying former Emotional Support Animals as PSDs without them meeting the necessary skills and tasks. Our strict training and certification standards assure airlines and official agencies that only qualified and appropriately trained dogs receive our certification.

Our extensive experience and recognition by international airlines testify to our efforts to make travel and public presence safer and less stressful for individuals with their PSDs. This is particularly important in light of the past challenges with Emotional Support Animals, which often led to misunderstandings and safety concerns.

As a nonprofit organization, our focus is not on commercial interests, but on the well-being of individuals and their PSDs, safety in public and while traveling, and compliance with legal regulations and industry standards. We commit to continuously improving and transparently maintaining the standards for PSDs to ensure a harmonious and safe interaction between PSD teams, airlines, official agencies, and the public.