Watch Our PSDs Travel the World

The worldwide adventures of our PSDs

The Inspiring Journeys Of Service Dogs​

Discover the delightful travels of Psychiatric Service Dogs (PSDs) as they journey with their owners across the world. Our collection of videos showcases these amazing dogs in action, offering comfort and support in the skies and at various global destinations. Experience the heartwarming bond and the adventures they share, inspiring joy and admiration in every viewer. Join us in celebrating these incredible journeys that highlight the vital role of PSDs in enhancing travel experiences.

Our Videos:

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PSD's First Flight

Witness a PSD’s heartening first flight experience, offering unwavering support to its owner in the skies.

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Beachside Bliss with Bella the PSD

Follow Bella, a joyful PSD, as she explores sandy shores with her owner, bringing smiles and sunshine.

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A PSD's Hiking Journey

Experience the serenity of nature as a PSD enthusiastically leads the way on a scenic mountain hike.

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PSD Holiday Spirit in Paris

Celebrate the festive season with a charming PSD exploring the romantic and holiday-lit streets of Paris.