Our Story And Vision​

Building a future where air travel with Psychiatric Service Dogs is a global norm.

Standardization, acceptance, and global recognition

At PSD-USA, we pursue the vision of facilitating worldwide travel with Psychiatric Service Dogs (PSDs) in airplane cabins by standardizing rules and requirements and creating legal certainty. Our mission focuses on the human-dog bond, particularly in the context of air travel, encompassing leisure and business trips as well as necessary journeys for relocation or emigration. We aspire for dogs to be accepted as constant companions in public transport, public spaces, and even in areas provided by private vendors such as restaurants and shops globally. Our approach is based on serious training and a trustworthy, recognized certification that is acknowledged by airlines and official organizations alike. PSD-USA is a partner organization of the long-successfully established PSDeurope. Together, we work on training and certifying PSDs according to European and international guidelines. Our goal is for PSDs to receive the same recognition and appreciation in Europe and internationally as they do in the USA. We are proud to be a reliable, serious, and competent partner for dog owners, airlines, and official organizations.


Future visions for PSDs in the USA

Looking at the visions for PSDs in the USA, we see a strong focus on training and the role of PSDs. According to Psychology Today, PSDs undergo meticulous training to ensure they are fully prepared to assist their partners. This includes professional evaluations of suitability and temperament, basic obedience, specialized task training, and public access training Psychiatric Service Dog Partners emphasize that they do not provide service dogs or fraudulent offerings, but inform everyone through sensible guidance and free resources from their all-volunteer community These organizations advocate for the rights and protection of PSD teams under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ensuring access to public places where pets are not normally allowed These visions and approaches reflect our commitment at PSD-USA, where we aim to strengthen the role of PSDs in society and improve the quality of life of their owners through our specialized training and certification programs.

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